Amir Hayumi - CEO

Segen Service Tech

Segen Service Tech LTD. represents the leading industries at the high-tech manufacturing sector.

We provide our customers with pre-sales support, offering the best machine or tools suitable for their application.                                                                         
Our after sales such as installation and maintenance services are designed to give customers the 
confidence to operate and achieve the maximum performance.   

Therefore our slogan is "Sharp, direct & accurate in every step of the way".

"Sharp, direct & accurate in every step of the way"

Our Suppliers

The supplier is engaged with photolithography technologies with mask and laser with photolithography machines.

The supplier is the global leader in advanced plasma machine technology for Multiple Manufacturing Industries.

Precision Temperature Forcing Systems for components and assemblies ranging from -100ºC to +225ºC

The supplier offer modular and scalable deposition systems, innovative components, smart designs.

Laurell manufacture spin coaters & spin processors exclusively, thay designed chucks for every kind of substrate.

Atmospheric plasma for cleaning, activating and coating.

Vacuum, Gas and Plasma Programmable Process Ovens (temperature up to 1100ºC), RTP, Reflow Soldering

The supplier is engaged in the production of vapor collectors and wet benches, offering full production capacity with various designs and customizable configurations.

Our Customers





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